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Hey There

Welcome to Neo-CUP International Meeting

(Neonatology Intensive Care UPdate)

All About us

Neo-CUP Meeting (Neonatology Intensive Care UPdate) is an international congress fully dedicated on neonatologists and focused on the intensive care of preterm newborns.

The aim of the meeting is to provide an in-depth update on the main challenging topics for neonatologists, worldwide. Along with the growing evidence, this conference would like to discuss clinical uncertainties, to keep up with the literature and to discuss the impact of research on daily practice, in order to improve the care of those critically ill newborns. It is the ambition of the congress to accomplish those aims, inviting prestigious experts in neonatal knowledge from all over the world.


We have scheduled the meeting in in a hybrid model, which will allow both virtual and physical participation at the same time.


The meeting include a specific session dedicated to Young Investigators that could submit an abstract in accordance with Abstract Submission Guidelines of the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the Scientific Committee will award the best research with University La Sapienza Scholarship.


Best Regards,

Gianluca Terrin

President of the Neo-CUP

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